Phone Booth

The phone booth movie poster very much conforms to the thriller genre. one reason for this is the close up reaction shot of the main character. This is at a canted angle which connotes a feeling of unsteadiness.

Moreover, suggesting that the character has difficult problems to overcome and conveys a level of uncertainty. His face has a scared or perhaps concerned expression for dramatic effect and he appears to be holding a phone which the audience can assume is an important part of the movie. The poster is very cluttered and busy including three pictscreen-shot-2017-01-13-at-11-42-20ures merged together along with the movie title at a slant and the tagline “YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE” which implies that there is a possibility of death which links with the image of a gun shot  hold through glass which is a co
mmon feature of a thriller movie poster. The word “your” refers to the audience and makes them feel included as part of the film. This is in a bright red font which is eye-catching with the connotations of blood an death. This is not surprising for a triller poster as action and violence is usually common theme throughout. In addition,  the poster has an overall dark colour scheme consisting of dark blue and black with contrasting reds to further connote a dramatic and perhaps sinister vibe to the poster.



Friend Request

The Friend Request movie poster conforms well with the thriller genre which is prominent through the dark colour scheme which is contrasted with bright red in the tag line and the title which connotes a sense of danger. The pictures on the poster are coloured muted blue also which connotes a lack of happiness and gives off a cold vibe. The pictures on the poster are played out in an ‘F’ shape which is the first letter of the title buscreen-shot-2017-01-13-at-11-59-03t also is made to resemble the Facebook logo. This implies to the audience that the movie is focused online and around social media. It also makes the audience relate to the film since Facebook is a popular and well known site that majority will have heard of and many of them use. This makes the movie feel realistic and as though it could happen to them. Within the letter ‘F’ there is a close up shot of a woman with a hand over her mouth, crying. This reaction shot creates a sense of fear and upset since the photo was taken with a woman looking directly at the camera which makes the audience feel directly involved, leaving them curious as to what has happened to her. Furthermore, we can see that the movie has a dark and dangerous theme due to the dark colour scheme of the poster and the dramatic photo of the woman in fear which is a common theme in thriller movies.



Knock Knock

The Knock knock movie poster is conventional of the thriller genre. This is shown through the image of a knife which is a typical convention of a thriller movie since it represents violence. On the knife there is a reflection of a man which the audience can assume is the main character, looking confused. This close up shot is eye-catching as it is central on the poster and being as it is reflected on a knife, suggests that this man may become endangered. In addition, there are two female faces either side of him which may suggest he is threatened by them and metaphorically stuck in the middle when making a choice. Moreover, both women have pale faces and red lips which is a classic makeup look, however, they have black eye makeup smeared down their cheeks which makes them look as though they are crazy. In addition, they have a slight smirk which makes them look almost psychotic which fits the thriller conventions of being dramatic and creating tension. Furthermore, the colour scheme of the poster is predominantly light which slightly challenges the thriller genre conventions as they are usually based around dark colours. However, the contrast of red lips of the women creates a connotation of danger along with creating a sex appeal. The title of the movie is also red  to imply danger and is in big, blocked capital letters to look dramatic and eye catching.

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