Q7 Script

Jessica – Our preliminary, looking back at it, we noticed how poorly we constructed it with it’s unsteady shots, bad camera movement, transitions and sound. Having watched back our preliminary task we have realised how far we have come to creating our thriller opening sequence, ‘Hostage’.

Carlotta – One key element of our thriller compared to our preliminary was the planning of our storyboard. The storyboard helped give us a starting point so we could do our filming to a plan, even though we changed it slightly. The parts we changed were the last couple of shots as we thought it didn’t fit the story and we weren’t sure how to edit the pictures on top of each other. We also added in a last shot that wasn’t originally on the storyboard. This was due to the fact that we felt it looked too much like a trailer rather than an opening sequence. So we have learnt when planning our story to always use a storyboard to use as a guideline to help us, and also to see what we felt like we could change.

Sian – The problems in our preliminary task were the framing of the shots and the location. In the location there were classroom displays in the room we were filming, which were not relevant to the plot and message in the story. Due to filming it during the day at school, we realised the issues that this included that were, people walking in to the room and background noise from children playing outside and being in the other classrooms near by. We addressed this issue in our thriller opening sequence by filming it after school when there were no children about. We also filmed our shots in a particular area in the school that wouldn’t be identified as a school. We chose the DT block as the area looks like an abandoned building which fits into our theme of a mystery, horror-thriller as it’s unidentifiable. With the framing of the shots with our thriller we put black A3 paper on the doors so we could extend our shots for effect in our film. We also painted on the walls the words ‘MINE’ for extra detail in our shots and so it framed it better. We put fake blood on the floor to imply the protagonist being in danger. Overall, we felt we framed ‘Hostage’ much better compared to ‘Don’t be a Bully’ due to the fact of our extra details and thought into planning.

Jessica – Our transitions in the preliminary task were not relevant and we only chose them for experimental reasons as we didn’t have a clear understanding of our genre. To improve on this in our opening sequence we watched YouTube tutorials on how to use the different effects on iMovie to make our transitions fit with our theme. For example, we used a white fade in transition to have a smooth change to show the interchange between the flashback and the present day.

Carlotta – The difference between the fonts in our preliminary compared to our thriller opening sequence was evitable. In our preliminary task we used a font which didn’t fit our genre or look appealing towards the audience. It was dull, simple and basic. This didn’t help engage the audience and the title was added at the start in much smaller writing compared to the production company. This was unprofessional as the title should be the main focus. When creating our opening sequence we thought about the font for the title in more detail. We spent up to an hour searching for an appropriate styled title for Hostage which now has benefitted our product as it looks more appealing and grabs the attention of our target audience. The title also gives a suspenseful feel toward the audience as the style is quite creepy and intimidating.

Sian – The shot types we used in our preliminary and the accuracy of them were significantly different to the ones of our Thriller opening sequence. In our preliminary we used basic camera shots such as close-ups, over-the-shoulder shots, longshot, low angle shot etc. The camera movement for these shots were shaky and not poised in the correct positions. For example, the over-the-shoulder shot wasn’t in the correct positioning and therefore didn’t have Dan in the shot much but a lot of Sian’s hair was covering the camera. In comparison, our thriller was better planned and therefore we knew exactly what we needed to get the correct positioning for our shots. We used a tripod to get our still shots and panoramas. However, with our preliminary we didn’t know how to use a tripod so we didn’t use one which inevitably affected the stillness of our shots. Overall, this made it look unprofessional unlike our thriller that we consider to look professional, as the shots are clean and structured.

Jessica – In conclusion of what we’ve learnt we feel we have improved in all areas of creating an opening sequence.

Carlotta – Although the area are group feels we have improved on the most is editing.

Sian – We have learnt new skills such as how to use the transitions appropriately and importing fonts and sound to our scenes.

S, J, C – We now feel comfortable editing and taking shots for future projects.