Sam Pinkett is presented as lazy in the opening sequence of The Wrong Mans. We can see this initially by the unpacked boxes in his room when he wakes up.Additionally, Sam is wearing clothes from the night before; this portrays him as unorganised and unkempt. This is followed by a flashback which main character, Sam, has from the night before which shows him to be on the phone with his ex girlfriend. There is a high angle shot of him on the stairs which suggests that he feels as though he has no control in the situation and perhaps intimidated by it.

Sam is also shown as nervous when he is talking to the police officers. This is portrayed when he is talking to the officers which are presented as the typical ‘good cop, bad cop.’ This is shown through a point of view shot which is also a low shot of the police officers. This suggests that Sam feels inferior to the police and even smaller than the law. Furthermore, the mise en scene shows that the ‘bad cop’ has a ring on. Through this the audience can recognise how his personality reflects the fact that he is married which proves to be stereotypical to married life and how it changes a man to be more stern and grown up. In contrast, the ‘good cop’ is not married and is portrayed as a funny character through his use of banter.

In addition, Sam is portrayed as oblivious. The audience are first shown this when he walks out from the bathroom and an insert shot shows an Asian man laying in the bath tub either passed out or dead which Sam does not recognise. Due to this, the audience can conclude that he is a rather unobservant character. This escalates when he is walking down the road wearing his earphones and causes a car to crash by being in the road. This was caused due to the car having to swerve to miss hitting Sam. The audience are clearly shown that Sam is a part of the incident when there is an over the shoulder shot of the car which connotes that Sam was the main cause of it.

Sam is also presented as lonely through the use of non diegetic music when he leaves his house. The audience can see an establishing shot of his house which appears to be very dull and his bike parts have been stolen, causing him to have to walk to work. This also presents him as lame or perhaps weak since people have stolen his things and he had done nothing to fight back. Moreover, as he is walking along the road and the car crashes, the music turns into diegetic and comes from his earphones. The lyrics of the song are there to represent him as a person and the lyrics consist of words about being alone and upset which contrasts the upbeat nature of the song. This could show that Sam hides his emotions by pretending to be happy but if you look deeper, he is very lonely, which could link to him having broken up with his ex, which the audience are shown earlier in the opening sequence and consequently has lead him to be living out of boxes.