Today Carlotta, Matt and I stayed after school to film the flashback scene. We decided that it was best to do this afterschool so that we would have no distractions since our location was on school grounds.

In addition, at this particular time of year it gets dark quite early which we thought we could use to our advantage as the dusky aesthetics added to the overall dark theme that we was striving for.

The filming ran smoothly as we used our story board to decipher our shots, however we decided to record the most part of the flashback from the protagonist’s point of view and this was a spontaneous idea on the day but we think that it worked to our advantage.

Overall, the filming went to plan and we have got all the necessary shots for our flashback scene which can be added to the shots of Matt being held hostage to the chair and we can begin to edit them together.

Here I have included shots of Carlotta, Jessica and I checking out the location for the flashback. We decided that this was perfect since it is based in school and so was easily accessible but also isn’t identifiable as a school which could potentially ruin the realism of our opening sequence.