What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Before the group and I had started to construct and film our thriller opening sequence I had never used iMovie before. This meant that when we came to editing our piece, we had to learn how to use this software as we went along, using trial and error, and researching and watching tutorials online. This made the editing of our thriller opening sequence challenging but also a fun task as I picked up many new skills along the way. Most importantly, I have learned the basic skills such as how to cut and trim clips. As well as this, I have learned how to edit music onto a clip and how to use transitions and effects appropriately to convey the overall desired look.  

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For our thriller opening sequence, we decided that in order to make the flashback identifiable as a flashback we wanted it to drift in and out of focus. However, we did not know how to create a blurry effect on iMovie and so researched on YouTube how to do so. Because of this, I now know how to use a title screen in order to make the clip blurry and this helped to create the dream-like image that we hoped for. As well as this, we decided that putting the clips into a black and white effect would help the audience decipher the flashback from reality. We figured how to do this technique ourselves by searching on iMovie for the option. Before this point, I did not know how to use iMovie at all, and so did not know how to do this effect.

In addition, during the filming process, I learned that it was extremely important to use a good camera and tripod. This is because it helps to make the recordings look a lot more clean and professional. A good tripod helps to keep the shaking and unsteadiness to a minimum which helps keep the film looking convincing to the audience. Furthermore, a good quality camera helps to give an overall better effect and it helps to keep the audience more engaged. Moreover, I have learned how to use a tripod in the process of making our thriller opening sequence and have also developed a better knowledge for the practical filming aspect because I had to learn how the camera worked, what light was best, how to focus and how to get good exposure. 

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As well as this, I have learned how to use WordPress and have been posting on here throughout the entire production of my opening sequence. I have become more knowledgeable about the site and have learned how to post my work in a variety of different ways such as text, pictures, embedded videos and links. In addition, I have learned how to put tags onto my posts to categorise them and make them easily identifiable through the tag cloud. I now feel confident in making posts and personalising my own blog.